Could you open your door to Glasgow?

March 11, 2015

Doors Open Day, now in its 25th year, gives you free access to hundreds of fascinating buildings across Scotland. Ruth Morris, from Glasgow Building Preservation Trust looks back at the history of the event and past participants including some familiar faces, and invites Glasgow’s creative industries to take us inside…

Open door

Glasgow first threw open its doors in 1990 as part of the European Capital of Culture Celebrations and, now in its 25th year, Glasgow Doors Open Day has welcomed thousands of visitors to explore the city’s buildings, streets, parks, architecture and history. I’ve organised the city-wide event for three years and the amazing buildings and organisations I’ve discovered here have made me realise how incredible Glasgow is, with its spectacular variety of architecture, passion for its history and people willing to give their time to share that with others.

Doors Open Day is organised by the Glasgow Building Preservation Trust and this year we’re putting a call out to the whole city to encourage more people and places to get involved for the 25th year of the event.

So what is Doors Open Day all about? It’s a FREE (yes free – no catch!) festival that sees around 100 buildings in Glasgow open their doors and welcome visitors to explore new places in the city. Opening doors last year was a ship, a crematorium, a fire station, a theatre, a boathouse, a hospital, a whisky bond, an office building, a talk on concrete, a walk down the Clyde, a boat ride along the canal, a bus tour in Pollokshields and a dig at Provan Hall. There have also been a number of creative organisations involved such as Film City GlasgowWASPS Artists’ StudiosGlasgow Sculpture Studios and the Concrete Gardenallowing us to see behind the scenes. There’s so much going on I couldn’t do it justice, so see for yourself who opened their doors last year.

So what does it mean to take part? You get a chance to show off your building and what your organisation does, your staff and volunteers get to be part of something a bit different and, above all, you get to celebrate Glasgow!

There’s loads of information on our website about exactly what taking part involves (despite the name – it’s not just a case of opening your doors!)

This year we have a number of themes to the event. Green Glasgow, celebrating Glasgow’s green achievements, and Industrial & Technical Heritage as part of European Heritage Days – a fitting theme for a city with such a rich industrial history!

So if you think you have what it takes to showcase the best of our city, get in touch to become a part of Glasgow Doors Open Day 2015! Doors Open Day events will take place 14th – 20th September 2015. The deadline for participants is Monday 20th April but the sooner you get your application in, the better.