Why creative companies should sign up for the Scottish Business Pledge

January 22, 2016

With almost 200 Scottish businesses now signed up to the Scottish Business Pledge, we take a look at some of the creative companies in Glasgow who have already signed up and how your business can join the journey and play its part in building a better future for Scotland…


For full service digital agency Peach Digital, committing to the Scottish Business Pledge seemed a natural fit. Malcolm MacMillan, CMO explains, “For Peach, committing to the Scottish Business Pledge is a no-brainer. As a company, social responsibility is an integral part of our day to day activities and championing values such as supporting the community, employing young people and paying the living wage are what we believe will continue to strengthen a thriving creative industry. We believe an initiative like the Scottish Business Pledge is critical to welcoming talented individuals to our industry, developing creative careers and promoting a healthy working culture.”

Launched in May 2015, the Scottish Business Pledge is a voluntary commitment made by Scottish companies to boost their productivity and competitiveness through delivering innovation and fair work practices.

The Scottish Business Pledge has nine key elements:

  • Paying the living wage
  • Not using exploitative zero hours contracts
  • Supporting progressive workforce engagement
  • Investing in Youth
  • Making progress on diversity and gender balance
  • Committing to an innovation programme
  • Pursuing international business opportunities
  • Playing an active role in the community
  • Committing to prompt payment

To make a pledge, a business has to be paying the living wage (currently £8.25 per hour), already be delivering at least two other elements and committed to achieving all other elements over time.

While it’s not expected that every commitment will be delivered at once, companies should view the Pledge as a development journey.  Over time it will help them demonstrate their adoption of a wider range of progressive business practices, embracing the principles of fairness, equality, opportunity and innovation.

There’s a strong business case for why responsible business matters.  In a recent survey of corporate social responsibility practices among the Insider Top500 Scottish companies:

  • 89% of business leaders agreed that responsible behaviour drives business success;
  • the key drivers for companies adopting such practices are customer and public opinion, employees’ interests and the personal beliefs of the business leader or owner; and
  • 62% of business leaders expect the relevance of community, social and environmental issues to increase for their company over the next three years.

Alongside Peach Digital, MadeBrave is another of the creative companies within Glasgow which has already signed up.

MadeBrave was one of the first cohort to sign up to the Scottish Business Pledge and Andrew Dobbie, founder and director, believed it was the right thing to do. “From the very start we’ve been intuitively doing the things that the Pledge focuses on. Our business depends very much on having highly motivated people, so workforce engagement and promoting innovation and learning are very much a natural part of our culture. It makes good sense for the business and for us all as individuals. I think it’s a positive move for businesses in Scotland, and it’s good to see the Government acknowledging companies who treat their staff and their customers fairly. I hope that it also encourages some longer established and traditional businesses to wise up and adopt some of the common sense practices that modern companies are applying.”

If you’re a creative business in Glasgow, then now’s the time to make your pledge. Become one of Scotland’s best businesses and join the movement to make Scotland a wealthier, fairer, forward-looking nation. Make yourScottish Business Pledge now!

Interested in signing up? For more information, visit the Scottish Business Pledge website.