The Hive

1069 Argyll Street


G3 8LZ


e: info@zuluhq.com


The Zulu Principle states that an individual can become a world expert in a particular field, as long as it’s sufficiently narrow. In other words, it’s difficult to be truly great if you don’t have focus. We believe the same applies to creating great music. Zulu is a collective of cutting-edge recording artists, each of whom lives and breathes their scene, and their sound. We won’t ask a dub step producer to make a deep house track, or coax a folk band into making hard rock. So when you commission music from Zulu, you know the result will be credible, authentic and original. Zulu creates compositions for film, TV, games and ads, that are tailor-made to your brief. We also offer a catalogue of source music that makes it easy and cost-effective to license existing tracks (often for not much more expense than uninspiring library music). Our in-house studio operates 24/7, so we can turn around edits fast.